How to select right grooming shears?

Aiden Ahn

- Purpose

- Material

- Size


Body: Curved thinning shears are ideal for thinning and blending the coat on the dog's body. They help reduce bulkiness and create a smooth, rounded contour, especially for breeds with thick or double coats.

Legs: When grooming a dog's legs, curved thinning shears can be used to thin and shape the hair while maintaining a rounded appearance. This is particularly useful for breeds with feathered or bushy leg hair.

Tail: Curved thinning shears can help shape and blend the hair on the tail, creating a tapered, rounded appearance.

Feet and Paw Pads: For trimming the hair around the feet and paw pads, curved thinning shears can provide a neat and rounded finish while thinning out excess hair.

Neck and Shoulders: These shears are useful for blending the hair around the neck and shoulders to create a smooth transition between the body and the head.

Ears: Curved thinning shears can also be employed to blend and texturize the hair on the ears, helping to maintain a natural, rounded contour.

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