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Harzly Slicker Brush

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Made for Professional Dog Groomers

Canine hair exhibits unique characteristics compared to other types of hair. Our shears are calibrated exclusively for dog groomers, enabling you to excel in your craft with utmost precision.

Unlock Comfort and Precision

Embrace a Pain-Free Cutting Experience with Our Shears. Say goodbye to wrist discomfort and hello to effortless precision with every cut.

Endorsed by Renowned Global Grooming Experts

Our products have received accolades from world-class top groomers in the USA, Korea, and Japan, lauding their unmatched quality and performance.

Only from Harzly

Key Features


Japanese VG10 Stainless Steel


Round-Top Pins


Wooden hand grip

Two Sizes

Real Customer Feedback

Frequently asked questions

Body: Slicker brushes are suitable for brushing the entire body of most dogs. They help remove loose fur, detangle any knots, and keep the coat looking clean and well-groomed. Brush in the direction of hair growth to avoid discomfort.

Legs: Use the slicker brush on the legs to remove loose hair and prevent matting, especially in breeds with long or feathered leg fur.

Tail: Brush the tail with a slicker brush to keep it free from mats and tangles, giving it a neat and well-maintained appearance.

Neck and Chest: Pay special attention to the neck and chest areas, especially in breeds with thick or longer fur in these regions. A slicker brush can help prevent tangles and matting.

Ears: Be gentle when using a slicker brush on the ears, as they are a sensitive area. Use it to remove loose fur and prevent mats, especially in breeds with longer ear hair.

Belly: Brush the belly area, particularly in breeds with longer fur on their underside, to prevent matting and maintain overall coat health.

Feet: Use a slicker brush on the feet to remove debris and loose fur, and to prevent matting between the toes and paw pads.

If the stock is in your region(i.e. US), it takes 3-5 business days.

If the stock is only in South Korea, then it takes 5-7 business days to arrive at your doorstep.

All orders will be delivered with either Fedex or EMS express.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sidney Harris

I looooove my new brush so much. The placement of the pins is perfect for really grabbing the hair and fluffing it. Definitely worth the investment

Coco Ma

A must-have!

Cynthia Jansen

I did not receive the slicker brush unfortunately.

Nicole Ferguson

I thought $35 was a lot of money to spend on an itty bitty brush- how could it be that much better than the basic ones? But I was already blowing a ton of money on the thinners and thought “why not”? What a surprise! This little bitty baby brush is soooooo nice. I’m even using it on my xl dogs now because it makes my Artero slicker brush ashamed of itself. Amazing!

Haley Shindoll

Most wonderful slicker I’ve had my hands on! I LOVE using my slickers every day!